Makoto Kamachi
President and Chief Executive Officer

北日本新聞社代表取締役社長 蒲地 誠

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations on the opening of the “9th Toyama International Contemporary Art Exhibition 2022 ART/X/ TOYAMA” to be held at the Niikawa Culture Hall in Uozu, Toyama that features ambitious works created by international and Japanese artists.

The “ART/X” is a Toyama-originated contemporary art show developed by local artists who invited artists to the show from inside and outside Japan with an aim to generate a new art wave. Today, the show has established itself as the event which offers people opportunities to encounter new art trends and the passion of artists. Unique works rooted in the climate and culture of each artist’s country have attracted attention of not only art fans but also many citizens of Toyama.

It is a pity that artists from abroad are unable to gather in Toyama as they used to due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Under such circumstances, artists of ten countries in Europe and Asia have put their ambitious works on show. I would like to express my respect to all the executive committee members who worked hard to make this happen, as well as encouraging cultural promotion and international exchange in this challenging time.

In the current world, where various conflicts and clashes are arising, our society is changing at a rapid pace and lifestyles and values are diversifying. I am convinced that the power of culture and art that enriches our mind and connects people beyond nationalities and language barriers will become increasingly important in a chaotic era where we cannot see ahead.

Finally, I would like to offer my sincere wishes for the exhibition to be a great success and for every success of the participating artists.