An Exhibition that Coexists with COVID-19


‘Message from Toyama’ is the motto for The Toyama International Contemporary Art Exhibition which has been transmitted over the years from the prefecture of Toyama to all parts of Japan, and outwards to foreign countries. At the end of our national pre-exhibition in Toyama Kenmin-Kaikan Museum of Art in May 2021, the members gathered together to discuss whether a ninth exhibition could be held within the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020 our Small Artworks Exhibition was postponed for six months due to the gallery space being closed. At this time of uncertain circumstances and with no guarantee that the show could go ahead, our members nevertheless unanimously agreed to begin preparations for the ninth

Throughout our 29 years history since the first ART/X/TOYAMA, this is the first time that no overseas artists can join us in Japan. In this exhibition twenty-six artists from ten foreign countries agreed with our aims and decided to take part. In challenging circumstances, this exhibition will coexist with coronavirus whilst exploring new ways to exhibit.

On a cold January day, the first artworks for the exhibition arrived from Turkey. They symbolize the strong bond of trust and friendship built over time with exhibiting artists. For years we developed close ties with French, German, and Korean artists. Then we expanded connections with artists in Russia, Poland, Netherlands, Slovenia, the U.K., and China.

With the extensive use of the internet today, many overseas artists keep us updated on how their art activity is going. Meeting once every four years, we build trust and friendship with the participants from each country. This is the power of Art.

Please explore ART/X/TOYAMA’s belief in challenging the unknown ‘X’ and our endeavor to create a ‘Coexisting’ future.

Nao Takahashi
Executive Committee Chairman
9th Toyama International
Contemporary Art Exhibit