Huang Jia

Huang Jia

ADDRESS : Meilin Yi Village, Shenzhen, CHINA
Huang Jia

Born in Changsha, Hunan. Representative of Chinese minimalist concept painting.


Beijing Platform China Gallery
Shenzhen Muya culture gallery space dislocation
Dear Long Changsha Yuehu Gallery

Partial group exhibitions
A rebellious spiritual journey —Review and excavation of Hunan artists’ groups : auction of Huachen in Beijing
Hunan contemporary artists Hunan Meilu art museum night.
Paper – 2014 Invitational Exhibition of contemporary art (Nantong Museum of art in Jiangsu,
Shenzhen Art Museum)
Painting after abstract art exhibition (Beijing Red Gate Gallery)
One, China, new abstract ten people exhibition (Shenzhen manufacturing culture, OCT space)
Hail to the artist (Shenzhen happy coast blue business center)
AoHu Art Festival (Shenzhen Ao Lake Art Museum)
Dear LONG 〜 Huang Jia, Chen Yuanlong double exhibition (Changsha Lake Gallery)
Double click – International Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition second times (Shenzhen HUXIA PROJECTS)
Poetic abstraction (Beijing FIFO art space)
Abstract China 2016 (Shanghai Mingyuan Art Gallery)
Art Beijing (Beijing Agricultural Exhibition Hall)
It seems nothing happened (Beijing Shenzhen creates cultural space)
Art Shenzhen (Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center) / ’15
Huang Jia , Zhuang Wei Mei art exhibition (Shenzhen Chinese Club)
Non physical image (Shenzhen creates cultural space)
Abstract art 10 years exhibition (PIFO New Art Studios)
Female artists exhibition (Zhuhai Cheng Art Museum)